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Lennon Sandak was born at 28th of September 1998 in Turkey.

He lived in a yacht until about the age of 6 and then moved to live in a house at Halkidiki.

At age 3 he moved to Greece and at December 1st of 2011 he moved to Israel.


He began at only 7 or 8 years old loving electronics, he built without learning small lights and motors that worked.

After a long time that he wanted a computer he also got one and then began sitting hours on the computer from 2009.

He began from very young making websites, programming and uploading videos about Technology.

He is now also known as lennonSystems and lennonsan.

He began learning from videos programming and how to build computers.

He now knows how to fix smartphones and computers, as well and building websites and programming.


More to come soon...

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